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Op-Ed: For kids with disabilities, time to move from inclusion to normalcy

Rachel Fishheimer is the director of education at the Jerusalem facility of ALEH, an Israeli network of treatment facilities for children with severe disabilities. (Courtesy: Rachel Fishheimer)

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Just the other day, I overheard someone saying that they had a wonderful interaction with the “Down syndrome employee” at their local cafe. Though it happened to have been a sweet story, I cringed. It also got me thinking about the limitations of our campaigns promoting… Read more »

Task force creates survey on disability needs

The Senior Task Force of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona has changed its name to Task Force for Jewish Seniors and Adults with Disabilities. The task force has created a survey to assess the needs and interests of local Jewish adults with disabilities, which will be online through… Read more »

Medicaid reforms need not undermine services

WASHINGTON (JTA) — During February, Jewish communities across North America observe Jewish Disability Awareness Month. It is an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the needs, strengths, opportunities and challenges of individuals with disabilities in our communities, and to ensure we are building more inclusive communities that celebrate… Read more »