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Provocative Holocaust exhibit, “Deadly Medicine,” coming to UA

International Hygiene Exhibition, 1911 promotional poster. The eugenics movement pre-dated Nazi Germany. A 1911 exhibition at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden included a display on human heredity and ideas to improve it. The exhibition poster features the Enlightenment’s all-seeing eye of God, adapted from the ancient Egyptian “Eye of Ra,” symbolizing fitness or health. (Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin)

The Nazi regime was known for devising scientific theories to prop up its drive to perfect an “Aryan master race,” which led to the murder of millions of Jews and others during the Holocaust. “Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race,” a traveling exhibition produced by the United States Holocaust… Read more »

‘Deadly Medicine’ Nazi exhibit coming to UA

Regarding the article “New York exhibit on ‘Deadly Medicine’ plumbs Nazi ‘science’ of master race” (AJP, 11/11/11), your readers may be interested to learn that the exhibit will be in Tucson Jan. 18-March 31, 2013. The Arizona Health Sciences Library at the University of Arizona will host “Deadly Medicine”… Read more »