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Brownie Ebner

Brownie Ebner, 104, died May 10, 2016. Mrs. Ebner was born in Providence, R.I. but raised in New York City. Until she retired, her jobs were mostly secretarial, culminating with her position at a local Tucson high school. She was active in the Pioneer Women (the Labor Zionist women’s… Read more »

Going strong at 100, Tucsonan Brownie Ebner confides, ‘I’m just lucky’

Brownie Ebner at a party for her 100th birthday on Nov. 11, 2011 at Atria Campana del Rio. (Sheila Wilensky)

  Brownie Ebner turned 100 on Nov. 11. “Why is everybody making such a big deal? If I could take credit for curing cancer or something like that I’d brag about it. What do I have to brag about?” she asked the AJP last month, sitting in her tidy… Read more »