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OP-ED College doesn’t turn Jews away from Judaism

Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz (Courtesy of Kotler-Berkowitz)

  (JTA) — In a recent analysis of U.S. religious groups, the Pew Research Center reported that the most educated American Jews are also the least religious. In considering these findings, it’s tempting to think that secular education leads to assimilation among American Jews (I want to be clear that Pew, a… Read more »

Seder2015 brings Passover into the digital age

Participants at one of Michael Hebb's "test" seders use the resources from Seder2015.org. (Scott Macklin)

An appreciation for classics and architecture does not necessarily foster interest in the Passover seder. However, those interests are what have led Michael Hebb, a former restaurateur and the founder of meal-related projects such as Death Over Dinner and Drugs Over Dinner, to adapt Passover to the digital age.… Read more »