I have a big personality flaw. I do not like the heat, but I can’t stay out of the kitchen. Meaning, I have a strong opinion. And I like to share that opinion with others. But then I get all bent out of shape when I have to defend my self-publicized opinion.… Read more »

The Blooper Reel

In the movie that is my life, this period in time will be filled with perfect material for the end of film outtakes. The bloopers and practical jokes that roll after the credits; that end up on disc 2 of the DVD set. Hopefully, by the time such a… Read more »

I’ve got that Shabbat feeling

For the first time in my life, I’ve got that Shabbat feeling. Well, to be more precise, I’m basking in the afterglow of that Shabbat feeling. This past Friday, my in-laws invited my three children to their home (which is on a moshav about 30 minutes drive from us)… Read more »

Looks Jewish

The fact of the matter is there are a few things that when said out of the mouth of a non-Jew sound racist but are perfectly reasonable exiting the mouth of a fellow Tribe member. This maybe be unfair. Un-PC. Un-liberal. Whatever. It’s fact. A perfect example of such a remark… Read more »

Q2 Progress Report

Now that I am officially in my second quarter of my first calendar year making Aliyah, I imagine it’s time for an assessment; a performance reviews of sorts, particularly as it pertains to my acqusition of Hebrew. Conversationally, I’m proud to say, there has been a clear improvement. While… Read more »

Let’s Make a Deal

Today, for the first time in the four months that I have lived in Israel, I went grocery shopping all by myself. Aren’t I a big girl? It sounds silly…I’m a grown up after all, but going to the grocery store when you live in the middle of nowhere… Read more »

Chag burnout

The day before the official start of Passover, I jokingly posted on my Facebook status update, “For the first time in my life, I actually feel semi-comfortable saying the phrase ‘Chag Sameach.” Ha. Ha. Those were the days. Back when I had the long holiday (extended even longer for… Read more »

Camp food

Earlier this week, we joined 10 or so other families in the Chader Ochel* on the kibbutz for a potluck communal dinner.  I got really excited when the invitation arrived in my inbox; for one, I understood the Hebrew flyer almost in its entirety without the assistance of my part-time translator (who also… Read more »

In case you’re wondering, I’m OK

When you live in the States, unless you work for an American Jewish communal organization, an American Jewish newspaper (like I did at one point), or a synagogue, you are less than aware of the back-and-forth between terrorists in Israel and the IDF. Unless there is a bus bombing.… Read more »

Jew like me

I find myself in an odd predicament now that I live in Israel. To touch or not to touch. I like to think I’m a fairly affectionate person; though some would argue I’m a cold, aloof, you-know-what that starts with a B and ends in an itch. Nevertheless, I… Read more »


Spring is often used as a metaphor for rebirth. Combine this with the Jewish tradition of cleaning house before Passover and you’ve got yourself a good season for change here in Israel. And so it is for our family. Changes abound that are already impacting our immigrant experience…and more… Read more »

You’re a mean one

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that Israelis missed out on the pop culture icon that is The Grinch, the anti-Christmas, anti-fun Dr. Seuss character who ruins the holiday season for the people of Whoville. Whether or not there is an Israeli equivalent of the mean,… Read more »

A little sick

Can someone who is a lot more informed than I am explain to me what’s the problem with socialized medicine? Because so far, it’s working out for us. Please don’t forward me links to good articles in The Washington Post or transcripts of speeches from well-spoken congressmen. I just… Read more »

Aliyah and advice focus of new AJP blogs

We’ve added two new blogs to azjew First, former Arizona Jewish Post assistant editor Jen Sonstein Maidenberg , who’d left Tucson for the charms of New Jersey, returns — sort of — with her blog “And Yadda Yadda Yadda, I Made Aliyah,” which also has been picked up… Read more »

What’s a little gossip?

You know when you’re having lunch with your friend in the local diner and even though you know you shouldn’t, you start gossiping about someone you both know? And all of a sudden you realize you’re in the local diner and the room just got really quiet, so you… Read more »

And so yadda yadda yadda … we made Aliyah

One of the best decisions I made before making Aliyah was the decision to let my husband lead the way. This was not easy for me. I’m a born supervisor and taskmaster. I met Avi a little more than ten years ago when I was a madricha (counselor) on a… Read more »