As I was getting my kids into the bath last night, I heard a helicopter fly by close over our house. And I didn’t jump or startle. I must be getting used to Israel. When we first moved here, I jumped at every little sound: Not just the military… Read more »

Name that tree

Even though it’s officially more than a year since we made Aliyah, I just now feel as if one full cycle is complete. My first real memory of our first real family experience  here in Israel (one that didn’t involve a government agency) is of Tu B’Shevat. A week… Read more »

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Before I lived in Israel, I was a tourist to Israel. I visited Israel three times as a program participant between the years 1992 and 2000, and twice independently with family. Each time, there were outright rules and admonitions from tour guides, concerned locals, or experienced travelers to Israel… Read more »


In retrospect, I’m glad we made Aliyah at the end of a calendar year. At the time, moving during the first of New Jersey’s many blizzards and dealing with holiday travel didn’t seem like such a good idea. But now, as I reflect on the year that we’ve been… Read more »

The emerging Jew in me

Despite years of being a Jew in a Jewish family, Jewish tradition and, more specifically, Jewish practice often feel very alien to me. Shabbat meals, Shabbat services, Jewish prayers and rituals.  And despite being a bat mitzvah and many years a student in Hebrew school, there is little that… Read more »

What do you call this?

When I first started blogging about my Aliyah experience, about two weeks into our new life here, a friend in Israel (also an oleh from the States) told me he had also started a blog when he first made Aliyah. But he soon found he “didn’t have much to… Read more »

A boy in soldier’s clothes

I have no idea what it’s like to send your son off to the army. And before I moved to Israel, I didn’t much think about it. Of course, my oldest child is not even 9, but still, any mother will tell you that time passes quickly when you are… Read more »

Ties that bind

Last night, underneath a full moon, within the sacred space of our kibbutz mikveh, ten women gathered to acknowledge our friend who will be bringing a new life into our community in a few short weeks. Debbie’s due at the end of August and it’s become somewhat of a… Read more »

Confidentially Yours: Working the dating scene… at work

Dear Avi and Adele: I’d like to go out with a girl I work with. She’s great and we enjoy the time we’ve spent together. Is this a good idea? -Workin’ it at Work   Dear Workin’ It: Yes and no. Your work may have a policy about company dating, which is… Read more »

Confidentially Yours: Should I travel with my girlfriend?

Dear Avi and Adele: My girlfriend and I have been dating for 9 months and have begun discussing taking a vacation together. I’m overdue for a getaway, but not sure I’m prepared to travel with her. How do I know if we’re ready for this big step? – Got… Read more »

Will Israel Wake Up to Food Allergies?

(Originally posted on The Jerusalem Post blogs on July 22, 2011. I ask you to please pass on to your Israeli friends.)) Yesterday, while swimming at the pool with my kids, my friend Daniella called me over to ask me if I heard about the girl who died from… Read more »


I’m sick today (Aug. 2) with yet another cold in a series of countless colds since I moved here. I am not exaggerating when I say that I’ve been ill more times these last eight months than I have in total in the past five years. Countless people have… Read more »