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Aliyah and advice focus of new AJP blogs

We’ve added two new blogs to azjew

First, former Arizona Jewish Post assistant editor Jen Sonstein Maidenberg , who’d left Tucson for the charms of New Jersey, returns — sort of — with her blog “And Yadda Yadda Yadda, I Made Aliyah,” which also has been picked up by the Jerusalem Post as “Israeli in Progress.” With her husband and three young children, Maidenberg moved in December 2010 to Kibbutz Hannaton, in the lower Galilee. From her lust for American paper towels to adventures with Israeli dogs to the dangers of gossiping when you live on a kibbutz, Maidenberg takes a fresh, irreverent look at the realities of life in Israel.

Second, there’s “Confidentially, Yours: Avi and Adele,” an advice column written by a small group of Jewish 30-somethings that tackles the challenges young Jewish adults face in life, love and relationships. For example, if Jerry Seinfeld’s mother on

“Seinfeld” thought he was outrageous to make out with his date while watching “Schindler’s List” at the movies, how gauche is it to pursue someone you meet during a shiva call?

Check out these new blogs. Post your comments. Enjoy.