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First I sat shiva for my mom. Then I ran a marathon.

(Kveller via JTA) – When a Jewish person dies, the traditional way to grieve includes sitting shiva, a seven-day mourning period when visitors arrive to comfort and care for the bereaved. At the end of the week, the mourners “get up” and resume more of their normal activities. Some people… Read more »

Israelis want American Jewish help in promoting religious pluralism, study finds

Conservative Jews pray at the section prepared for prayer for the Women of the Wall at Robinson's Arch in Jerusalem's Old City on July 30, 2014. the section is open for Jews both men and women to pray together as seen here. Photo by Robert Swift/Flash90

(JTA) — For years, American Jewish groups have agitated for more religious pluralism in Israel. And year after year, the Israeli government has acted as if the country’s demographic and political realities make any kind of substantial reform impossible. The latest version of an annual survey disputes that claim:… Read more »

Yes, a nice Jewish girl can be an alcoholic

(Kveller via JTA) — One of my more formative childhood memories was an evening when I was in the sixth grade. I sat on the deck in the emerging spring warmth and eavesdropped on my parents’ conversation, which was the result of my brother’s failing his first of many drug… Read more »

Sarah Tuttle-Singer pulls in readers — and trolls — with her warts-and-all portrayal of Israel

Sarah Tuttle-Singer, left, in the Old City of Jerusalem, the focus of much of her writing. (Courtesy of Tuttle-Singer)

  JERUSALEM (JTA) — “People don’t know me,” Sarah Tuttle-Singer jokes while sitting curled up on a couch and sipping a cappuccino in the lobby of this city’s famed King David Hotel. The controversial author and blogger laughs before continuing, a smile playing across her face. “Let them get… Read more »

40 Isn’t Just a Milestone Birthday. It’s an Important Jewish Number

(Kveller via JTA) — I’m a congregational rabbi, so the month of August is always a bit anxiety-provoking. Whether the holidays are “early” or “late,” they are coming, and my mental checklist goes into overdrive planning sermons, services and more. And this is to say nothing of the spiritual work.… Read more »

HIGH HOLIDAYS FEATURE: Must-know High Holidays words and phrases

Here are some important Hebrew words and terms you may encounter over the High Holiday season. Akedah  — Pronounced ah-keh-DAH. Literally “binding,” the Akedah refers to the biblical story of the binding of Isaac, which is traditionally read on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. Chag sameach — Pronounced KHAG sah-MAY-akh. Literally “happy… Read more »