High Holidays | Post-Its

High Holiday Services in our Southern Arizona Community

Rosh HaShanah begins the evening of September 15. Yom Kippur begins the evening of September 24.

In the busy schedules of our lives, we have little time to reflect. The High Holydays offers us the chance of deep introspection. This is, on one hand, intimidating but, on the other, a privileged opportunity.

What are we proud of from the past year? How did we deepen our relationships with family, friends, and the Source of Life? What caused us pain from which we need to heal? Can we give ourselves the time and space to recover from it?

Are there heartfelt goals we can set ourselves from the year ahead? Are there desires of our heart which we should pursue? How can we strive to attain a sense of satisfaction and contentment for us and those we care about?

The Tucson Jewish community opens its gates to you as we embark on this sacred journey.

Please click the links below for High Holy Days congregational information:

Congregation Chofetz Chayim (Orthodox)
(520) 747-7780

The Shul of Tucson (Orthodox)
(520) 975-4489

Congregation Bet Shalom (Traditional Egalitarian)
(520) 577-1171

Congregation Anshei Israel (Conservative)
(520) 745-5550

Congregation Beit Simcha (Reform)
(520) 276-5675

Congregation Chaverim (Reform)
(520) 320-1015

Congregation M’kor Hayim (Reform)
(520) 305-8208

Kol Ami Synagogue (Reform)
(520) 327-4501

Beth Shalom Temple Center (Non-denominational)
(520) 648-6690

Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging (Non-denominational)
(520) 881-2323

Secular Humanist Jewish Circle (Non-denominational)
(520) 577-7718

University of Arizona Hillel Foundation (Non-denominational)
(520) 624-6561

Chabad of Oro Valley (Chabad)
(520) 477-8672

Chabad on River (Chabad)
(520) 661-9350

Chabad of Sierra Vista (Chabad)
(520) 820-6256

Institute for Judaic Services and Study (Saddlebrooke)
(520) 275-0821