Letters to the Editor

Cartoon on Romney Israel visit shameful partisan attack

The political cartoon in the Aug. 10 edition, which portrays Romney as “pandering to the Jewish vote” because he visited Israel, made positive statements about Israel’s importance to the USA as an ally and that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, is just another liberal attack on Romney. The cartoonist is obviously ignoring the issue that President Obama is the only modern president who has not visited Israel. He is ignoring the fact that Obama has made more statements that show his opposition to Israel and his support of the Palestinians. He is ignoring the fact that Obama has made a $1.5 billion gift to the Muslim Brotherhood, the original terrorist Muslim fundamentalist organization that spawned Al Qaeda. The cartoonist is so obsessed with Romney’s positive stance on Israel that he ignores the negativity of the Obama administration’s failures in all aspects of Middle East diplomacy. I am ashamed that the AJP lowers its standards and prints such a partisan viewpoint.

—Ken Miller

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