Letters to the Editor

J Street officials harm Israel and the Jewish people

Jeremy Ben-Ami and Hadar Susskind, the executive director and vice president of J Street, were quoted in the June 18 issue of the Arizona Jewish Post as saying that Israel was not allowing food and material into Gaza. Israel sent 100,000 tons of aid to Gaza in the first three months of 2009, according to an article by Leslie Susser in the AJP and an article in the paper Arutz Sheva.

Ben-Ami and Susskind also say the blockade is not effective. In 2009, Israel stopped the ship Francop from bringing 320 tons of Iranian arms into Gaza. In 2003, Israel stopped the ship Abu Hasan with thousands of CDs that instructed people how to assemble bomb belts. In 2002, Israel intercepted the Karin A., with its cargo of 50 tons of Katyusha rockets. In 2001, they intercepted the ship Santori with a cargo of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

J Street is no credit to the Jewish people or to Israel. I would truly like Ben-Ami to let me know where they get their misinformation, and do they realize the harm they do to Israel and the Jewish people? If Arafat and Fatah had not stolen multi-millions sent for aid to the Palestinians, there would have been no Hamas victory in Gaza.

—George Perlmutter