Letters to the Editor

Ground Zero Islamic Center deserves encouragement

As a Jew, I’m appalled at the xenophobic reaction of the Anti-Defamation League to the plans to build an Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero (“Jewish positions on proposed Ground Zero mosque reveal ambivalence,” AJP 8/6/10). The center has the support of Mayor Bloomberg, the New York interfaith community and many Jewish leaders.
The center would be similar to the JCC, and the Imam in charge is a moderate who works with people of multiple faiths. There is a memorial planned for the victims of 9/11 as part of the center.
Such projects need to be encouraged as they stimulate dialogue and understanding  between groups and counter the extreme elements of the Muslim community.
The Judaism I was raised with values tolerance, diversity and particularly religious freedom, and it is these values that I hold dear.
I only hope the Anti-Defamation League’s reaction is not representative of our Jewish community.
—Joan Safier