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A site to order Kaddish for your loved ones takes a page from Nathan Englander’s latest book

A new site offers mourners a way to have someone say Kaddish for their loved ones. (Screenshot from kaddish.com)

NEW YORK (JTA) — In his most recent novel, “kaddish.com,” Nathan Englander imagines a website that a character — encumbered by Jewish guilt — uses to hire someone to say the traditional mourner’s prayer for his late father. In interviews, the author has said the idea was inspired by the… Read more »

Carolyn Starman Hessel, Jewish world’s book maven, turns the page

(JTA) — When Carolyn Starman Hessel joined the New York-based Jewish Book Council in 1994 — at the request of friend Marsha Posner — she knew nothing about the publishing world. Since then, she’s been called the “Jewish Oprah” for her ability to help authors find audiences, and has… Read more »

To honor Jewish book month, tips for writers

If the Great Jewish Novel is lurking inside you but you can’t get it out (or get it published), there are people who want to help. Now is the time to end the procrastination and excuses — and banish your Jewish writer’s block. The first and best stop is… Read more »

Committing to memory with author Nathan Englander

Nathan Englander (Juliana Sohn)

NEW YORK (JTA) — Author Nathan Englander recently received the 2012 Frank O’Conner International Short Story Award for his latest collection, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank.” He spoke with JTA about the impact of his Jewish education, the challenges of translation and why he’s… Read more »