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Helping Families with their Divorce Transition Journey

With the divorce rate still lingering around 50%, divorce affects many local families in our community. The many emotional, financial, and overall changes divorce brings leaves many unscathed by this adjustment. For some, the support of friends, family, and hobbies are useful tools to get them through. For others, however, the transition from married to single and “whole” to “broken” can have devastating effects which need additional support and guidance.

For over 40 years, Divorce Recovery (DRI) has been providing the necessary support, help, and leadership to these individuals and families going through this difficult transition of divorce. Our adult DRI support groups allow people to share their losses, challenges, and grief in a safe, confidential, and nurturing place. Participants gain strength and hope as they move through this transition and become empowered to say goodbye to their past relationship and move forward with their life.

Through no fault of their own, children are often thrust into the middle of their parents’ legal battle. Custody, child support, and even minor decisions about schools, sports, vacations, and holidays often lead to stress, anxiety and the fear of “making the wrong decision” or having to choose sides. As a child of divorce myself, I understand the challenges of growing up with divorced parents and the many conflicts that arise.

Communication, respect, and understanding are all important aspects of this transition of the family. However, with emotions running high and resentment and anger building, many parents lose sight of the “let’s do what’s best for the kids” mentality.

Our Children of Divorce & Changing Families (CODCF) group brings to light the importance of understanding children’s grieving process, teaches how to effectively communicate with children at an age-appropriate level, the parent-child role, and the formation and challenges of a stepfamily. For the children, this allows them a safe place to express their concerns, talk about their hopes for the future, discuss family dynamics, and set-up rules they would like their parents to agree to (don’t say bad things about each other, never put me in the middle, don’t take your anger out on me, help me pack, let me express my feelings, etc.).

In addition, the children’s group is facilitated by University of Arizona undergraduate interns, most of whom who have gone through this experience themselves and may have also completed the CODFC program. While providing support and curriculum to the kids, they are also able to relate and give hope for the future. In a way, I believe the group is often as therapeutic for the interns as it is for the children who attend.

Divorce Recovery is a wonderful little gem in our community that has helped so many individuals and families for over 40 years! Now a program of Jewish Family & Children’s Services (JFCS), Divorce Recovery has been and will remain open to anyone in the community and free of charge to attend (small donation is requested).

We offer our DRI Groups on a bi-monthly basis and CODCF is offered twice a year. Please see below for our upcoming groups. To register or for questions, please contact Jacquie Moreno at or (520) 795-0300 x2237.