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Rich Neighborhood Renovations at Handmaker

Residents in the Rich Long Term Care Neighborhood at Handmaker have been enjoying watching the transformation of their home over the last few months as the unit goes through a major renovation. Handmaker’s Administrator, Steve Hunt, has been doing his best to ensure that the work gets done, while keeping disruptions to residents at a minimum. So far, so good.

The renovations began in the Solarium next to the dining area, with new floor tiling and a new roof, allowing in more natural light. Residents will soon be able to use this space as a sitting area. In the activity room, old linoleum tiles and older cabinetry and appliances have been removed and replaced with new flooring, cabinetry, counter tops, as well as new colors on the walls. While all activities have been temporarily moved to the dining room during the renovations, the residents have adjusted, and are excited for activities to return to the redesigned activity space with brand new furniture and a large screen smart TV.

The entrance to the Rich Neighborhood has been brightened and modernized with beautiful new flooring and color palette. And the new lighting recently installed on the unit shows off the new flooring, handrails, and freshly painted walls along the hallways. It has been fun for the residents to wake up each morning to see that more and more sections of the new flooring have been installed, since the flooring work is done at night. Rich resident Kathleen rolled her wheelchair down one of the newly installed sections one recent morning exclaiming, “It is so beautiful!”

Once the activity room is finished, it will temporarily become the dining room, as it gets renovated with new flooring, furniture, cabinetry, counter tops, appliances, and new paint on the walls. The nurse’s station will be replaced next. And by early next year, the residents’ rooms should have new flooring installed as well.

Leo and Mildred Rich, who the neighborhood is named for, would be happy to see that their “Pavillion”, as it was originally called, is being well cared for. And Handmaker residents in the Rich Neighborhood are grateful for the beautiful renovations that their home is getting.