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New Year: New Mission, Vision, and Value Statements at THA

For many, the start of the school year represents a fresh new beginning—a time of goals, reunions, and renewed enthusiasm. For Tucson Hebrew Academy (THA), embarking on its 49th school year, it is an exciting time to look forward to a future of progress, strength, and growth. It is with this in mind that the THA Board of Trustees recently unveiled a new and updated set of Mission, Vision and Value Statements. These updated statements, which more accurately reflect THA’s emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, will direct the ongoing development of Tucson’s sole Jewish community day school.

Mission: The Tucson Hebrew Academy is our community Jewish Day School, providing differentiated, exemplary secular and pluralistic Jewish education in a nurturing, supportive environment steeped in Jewish values.

Vision: THA graduates will be critical thinkers, inspired to challenge their intellects, educated to support Israel, and lead lives enriched through Jewish traditions, culture, and wisdom.


  • Child-Centered Education: Developmentally appropriate, social-emotional education and research-based instructional strategies guide our faculty and staff. Our integrated curriculum includes experiences in Jewish life, STEM, the fine and performing arts, and physical education.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: THA leverages our diversity, reflecting the greater Tucson community. THA aligns our policies, practices, and resources so that students of all races, cultures, religions, gender-identities, and socioeconomic statuses are empowered to thrive. THA creates an environment in which all feel valued, respected, safe, and supported.
  • Commitment to Excellence: High expectations of students, staff, and faculty are fundamental to our philosophy and approach. We strive to ensure our graduates are prepared to excel in high school and beyond.
  • Community: We are a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community. We ensure that all members of our school family are embraced and have a home at THA. Parent involvement is a hallmark of THA. Partnerships with local Jewish organizations and synagogues, and the greater Tucson community, are essential components of our program.
  • Jewish Identity: Through study, prayer, Hebrew language proficiency, and celebrations of our traditions and heritage, the joy of living Judaism thrives at THA. Our students experience the pride of a Jewish identity, the knowledge and inspiration for living a Jewish life, and a commitment to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Gemilut Hasadim (acts of loving-kindness).
  • Supporting Israel: THA supports Israel, the eternal homeland of the Jewish people.

The changes came as a result of over a year of careful study and analysis, in conjunction with surveying more than 25 Jewish day schools, collaborating with THA’s Head of School, and integrating feedback given during a faculty listening session. The THA Board of Trustees also formed a task force which went on a listening tour, seeking input from teachers, alumni, alumni parents, and current parents. The new statements will feature prominently in both English and Hebrew on Tucson Hebrew Academy’s website, slated to undergo an exciting overhaul by the end of this year.