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Handmaker announces partnership with Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona to provide Kosher meals to community

Late last year, Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging began a partnership with the ongoing Chabad of Tucson Kosher Meals on Wheels program to provide affordable Kosher Meals to those in need in our community.

We are excited to announce an additional partnership between Handmaker, Chabad and Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona. This collaboration will further the work of Handmaker and Chabad of Tucson to help tackle the issue of food insecurity in our community by offering a Glatt Kosher Meal option to those meals already being provided by Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona. Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona has been delivering healthy, nutritious meals through a connection of caring individuals to the community since 1970.

This is all happening just in time for Passover! For those who are concerned about having what they need for their observance of Passover next month, there is still time to sign up for Kosher for Passover meal deliveries during the week of Passover through Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona.

For more information about meal delivery or volunteering to help deliver meals, please contact Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona at 520-622-1600 or visit their website at

Those who are interested in ordering Kosher and Kosher for Passover meals to pick up directly from Handmaker through Handmaker Catering services, please call Mike Felde at Handmaker at (520) 322-7009.