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Community invited to participate in joint JFSA & JCF annual meeting

Registration for the 2021 JFSA/JCF Joint Annual Meeting is now closed. We will post a video online after the meeting has taken place. We hope to see you at future events.


The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona (JFSA) and Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona (JCF) will hold a joint annual meeting via Zoom on Thursday, May 13, 2021, 4:30 – 6:00 pm.

Over the course of the past two years, the Boards of JFSA and JCF have determined that a reorganization of the JFSA and JCF is in the best interests of the Jewish community, in harmony with Jewish values and the specific purposes of JFSA and JCF. If approved, the proposed reorganization will unify the governance and operations of JFSA and JCF under a new Arizona nonprofit corporation to be called “The Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Southern Arizona” (CJP).

In support of this unification effort, the Board of Directors of JFSA requests that the members of JFSA approve the termination of JFSA’s Constitution, the amendment and restatement of JFSA’s Articles of Incorporation, and the initial members of the Board of Trustees of the Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Southern Arizona. The proposed Board members are:

  • Morgan Abraham
  • Jeff Artzi
  • Bruce Ash, Co-Chair
  • Madeline Friedman
  • Elizabeth Friman
  • Danny Gasch
  • Leah Geistfeld
  • Leslie Glaze
  • Debbie Goodman
  • Liz Kanter Groskind, Vice Chair
  • Anne Hameroff, Co-Chair
  • Jeff Jacobson
  • Karen Katz
  • Helaine Levy
  • Lisa Lovallo
  • Ann Lovell
  • Deborah Oseran, Immediate Past Chair
  • Jonathan Rothschild
  • Aaron Rottenstein, Vice Chair
  • Jeremy Sharpe
  • Scott Sheftel
  • Ben Silverman, Treasurer / Secretary
  • Shelly Silverman

Copies of the Articles of Incorporation of Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Southern Arizona and the proposed Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of JFSA are available to review here and here.

The proposed actions of the members of JFSA are available to review here.

Note: The annual meeting will not include the Community Awards Celebration as it has in years past. The Community Awards Celebration will take place in Fall 2021 in a hybrid capacity to allow community members who are interested to benefit from congregating together in-person to celebrate the great work that our leaders and volunteers do every day. More details to come as autumn approaches.

Registration is required. JFSA & JCF will send out the Zoom details in advance of the meeting to all registrants.