Rabbi’s Corner

Rabbi’s Corner: Transforming negativity to positivity 

Many times we rely on life’s happenings to determine our mood and productivity rate. Life often throws us unexpected curved balls and it dampens our spirit.

The truth is, negative does not always mean bad. The implications of implementing discipline can come across as negative, yet its core values are good and positive. For example, telling your child “no” as he reaches for the hot oven may upset him but it is definitely coming from a place of love and is ultimately for his own benefit.

So why not allow life to play its role? When one is feeling negative vibes, allow time to run its course. Take control of our emotions and recognize that our body and soul are intertwined. Knowing that the challenges we are facing are inherently good and for our soul’s benefit helps us focus on the positive.

As Rabbi Moshe Karlin pointed out, there is no commandment in the Torah to be happy. However, there is a commandment to serve G-d with joy, and our service to G-d is not limited to when we attend the local synagogue. Every moment of every day, regardless of what we consider our affiliation, can be directed to Torah and to G-d. We have the ability to transform each action and thought into one of joy and positivity.

So the next time life throws you a punch, get back up, tap into your positive emotions and take control of your destiny.