Rabbi’s Corner

Rabbi’s Corner: It is up to us to repair the earth

Rabbi Helen T. Cohn

I’ve been thinking about rain lately, and noticing the lack of it.  Tucson had a big monsoon several months ago which revealed a slight leak in our roof. We think the leak was fixed, and I’ve been waiting ever since for another big rain to confirm that, but a big rain simply hasn’t happened. In fact, this summer has been one of the 10 driest on record for Tucson according to a recent article in the Marana News.

No rain is in ironic contrast to last week’s Torah portion in which we read of a rain that did not cease for 40 days and 40 nights, causing a flood that destroyed all life except Noah, his family, and the animals they took with them into the ark. The reason for this devastation? God says, “I have decided to put an end to all flesh, for the earth is filled with lawlessness because of them.” (Genesis 6:13)

Later God relents and makes a promise to never again destroy the earth by flood. The rainbow is the sign of that promise.

And now here we are: destroying the earth all by ourselves. God can only stand by and weep (metaphorically) at our irresponsible behavior toward The Creator’s beautiful and balanced Creation.  No more deus ex machina and rainbows: the fault is ours and the repair must be ours as well.