Letters to the Editor

Israel’s haredi Jews get preferential treatment

Regarding Rabbi Shlomo Brody’s article, “This Eurovision contender showed how Israel has failed its religious Jews,” (AJP 2/22/19), what else do the haredi want?

  • They (for the most part) don’t serve in the army.
  • Most businesses are closed on Shabbat even if they would have opted not to.
  • Marriages, divorces, conversions etc. are totally at the hands, and mercy, of the Orthodox rabbis.
  • The Masorti and Reform movements are barely tolerated.
  • With few exceptions, there is no public transportation on Shabbat.
  • And more

And he has the [ital.] gall [end] to say that Israel has failed its religious Jews!

— Bracha Etgar, Scottsdale