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Swim school teaches safety for kids, parents

Drowning is still a leading cause of death for children under 12 years of age. The authors of the Talmud recognized the importance of learning to swim when they specified it as one of the three things parents must teach their children (Kiddushin 29a), along with Torah and how to make a living.

The new J-Rays Swim School at the Tucson Jewish Community Center, created by the J’s aquatics director and head swim coach, Brandon Rannebarger, works primarily with children from ages 3 to 14, and offers a Parents & Me program that helps educate parents about safety floating and water fun.

The J-Rays Swim School uses a step-by-step lesson plan built around constructive play to develop a swimmer’s skills. Classes are 30 minutes each and are offered throughout the week and weekend. Levels range from level 1/Jellyfish (ages 3-4) through level 7/Stingrays (swim team) in training.

The spring session is ongoing through Friday, June 30, with several morning and afternoon class times available. The summer session will run July 1-Oct. 31. For more information, including prices and detailed descriptions of each level, visit or contact Rannebarger at 299-3000, ext. 161 or