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Contrasting textures create vibrant design

(Robin Stancliff)

Living in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, we are surrounded by many textures and colors. Think for a moment of the vibrant yellow palo verde blossoms, blaze orange from the desert bird of paradise, vibrant fuchsia from bougainvillea, or the endless shades of blue from sunrise to sunset of our Arizona sky. Interior design for 2018 emphasizes mixing materials and finishes for variety and distinction.

“When choosing ‘hard’ finishes such as cabinetry and tile, integrating flat with shiny, or static with movement, helps to enhance a sense of depth while maintaining cohesiveness of design to create complementary timeless environments,” says Kathy Lyle, principal designer of Interior Trends Remodel & Design. For example, a simple powder room can become a visual delight by blending modern laminate gloss cabinetry with traditional granite countertops. Combining brushed nickel fixtures and hammered stainless steel can add a complementary contrast.

Choosing quality fixtures and finishes that will stand the test of time allows you to be bold by merging color through paint, accessories, and décor to give your design flow and personal character. As your style preferences change, your environment can be easily updated for a new look. Using our natural surroundings as a kaleidoscope of creative inspiration, the possibilities are limitless.

Text provided by Interior Trends Remodel & Design.