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Tips for keeping a busy family organized


(StatePoint) When it comes to busy families, things have a habit of becoming scattered quickly. Here are five ways to keep everything and everyone organized, all the time.

1. Centralize information. Hang an erasable calendar or family to-do list in a high-traffic area of the home where everyone can see it, so that everyone can add appointments, practices, vacations, school plays and other events. Be sure to hang it at a height appropriate for all members of the family, big and small.

2. Planned meal prep. Pick one day a week to plan meals and snacks for the days ahead. Prep items that you can in advance. Chop veggies, pack school lunches, assemble the lasagna. This will make the rest of the week a breeze. Family members can easily grab pre-prepared lunches and snack items before school and work, to take away the stress of busy mornings and getting out the door on-time. Plus, evenings won’t need to feel so rushed.

3. Label it. From the spice rack to the medicine cabinet to the filing cabinet and the garage, clearly labeling containers saves time and energy, ensuring you can quickly and easily find needed items.

4. Leverage storage. Do you take full advantage of storage nooks and crannies in your home? Use bed risers to create more space under the bed. Well-designed furniture can pull double-duty. Seek out specialized sofas and ottomans that lift up to reveal extra storage.

5. Tidy up. Items tend to move around the house, often ending up where they don’t belong. Soccer gear in the living room, toys in the bathroom and items of clothing left on the couch. Dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a week for the family to organize items and put things back where they belong. Having a standing appointment to do so will ensure everyone pitches in to help.