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Transform your yard into a refuge for birds

(Jeffrey Schwartz/Fotolia.com)

(StatePoint) Millions of wild birds are killed each year flying into windows, including private homes. Birds face other dangers, too, in your yard, whether they are migrating or flying locally.

Everyone, but especially those who enjoy having birds visit their yards and gardens, should take steps to make their homes a safer place for birds.

“Birds are part of a healthy ecosystem. Turning your home into a refuge for birds is good for the environment, saves lives and can add beauty to your garden,” says Spencer Schock, founder of WindowAlert, a company that offers decals and UV liquid that are highly visible to birds but barely noticed by people.

Here are three home projects you can do to help protect birds.

  Plant trees, shrubs and flowers that provide birds with the nourishment and shelter they need. The good news is that there are many beautiful varieties of bird-friendly vegetation. To be a good environmental steward, opt for species native to your region.

• Make windows visible: Preventing birds from striking your windows is easier than you may think because birds can see certain light frequencies that humans can’t. An easy way to make your windows visible to birds in a way that won’t disrupt your view outside your window is by applying UV decals and UV liquid to your windows. While the ultraviolet coating will look like etched glass to you, it will be quite visible to birds.

• Monitor the cat: If you have cats that like to spend time outdoors, be sure to monitor them to prevent bird hunting. If possible, consider keeping birds safe by creating an outdoor area for your cat to roam that’s enclosed. If you’re handy, you may try building this area yourself, but keep in mind, ready-made structures are widely available, too.

With a few simple steps, you can convert your garden and yard into a veritable safe haven for birds.