Letters to the Editor

Support worship, beware CAIR

Re “Supporting worshippers at Phoenix mosque, local Jews met with gratitude” (AJP, 6/12/2015):

A beautiful story.

I have two reflections.

1. Sarah (and her husband Marty) are not “converted Jews.” Although they were not born Jewish they are “full fledged” Jews; a “ger” — a convert — has all the rights and obligations of a Jew and should not be described as anything else. I admire their Jewish commitment to our people and Israel.

2. As wonderful as what Sarah did is, we should be aware that CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), a sponsor of the event, is a rabidly anti-Israel organization which, as documented on numerous occasions by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, is a financial and public supporter of terrorist organizations costing many Israeli lives. There is a challenge in the Muslim community to find “moderate” adherents. Can you envision a group of Muslims surrounding and protecting a Jewish facility or shul here or in Europe?

— Dan Karsch, Modiin, Israel

Editor’s note: Sarah Johnston specified the wording identifying her as a Jewish convert in the article’s credit line.