Letters to the Editor

Blame lack of humanity, not of faith, for world atrocities

Rabbi Benjamin Blech, in “Before Hawking, Golem story warned of dangers of intelligent machines” (AJP, 1/9/15), ponders the possibility that the “artificial intelligence” that science and technology produces may lead to “creations capable of destroying our world because we doubt our creator.”

Over the centuries millions of people have been slaughtered in the various names of “creators.” In light of the thousands of murders currently perpetrated by people who seem to believe that they are carrying out the wishes of their creator, I find Rabbi Blech’s concern baffling. Atrocities are carried out daily by those who in no way doubt their supposed creator.

Unfortunately, there can be unintended consequences from science and technology, but they do not happen because of doubting a creator. They happen because people are not using their innate capacity for acceptance, respect and compassion for our fellow human beings.

— Becky Schulman