Letters to the Editor

Bernie Sanders conflicted on Israel, wrong on Iran deal

The article “Where does Bernie Sanders, Jewish candidate for president, stand on Israel?” (AJP, 8/28/15) posed a simple question.

For the next 29 paragraphs the author struggles to explain Senator Sanders’ very nuanced view of Israel and the relationship with our closest ally. As an American and a supporter of the special Israel/American relationship it was painful to read.

What I take from Sanders’ various quotes is that he has been long conflicted on Israel and on perhaps the most significant question in the past 20 years affecting Israel’s security and the security of the region Sanders is clearly on the side of the flawed Obama-Kerry-Clinton nuclear pact.

Democratic presidential candidates Sanders, Clinton and O’Malley are all in support of the Iran deal, although the end product does not resemble the goals which the president reportedly wished to accomplish — to make the Middle East safe from war — when negotiations started.

Let us all hope that Sanders and the other Democrats who support the president’s flawed Iran nuclear deal will never have the blood of dead Jews on their hands because of Iran’s hostile intentions, which they have legitimized.

— Bruce Ash