Letters to the Editor

Trees to be healing prayers for sister

Trees have been known to break their way through the toughest rock slabs to get to the water and nutrients they need to live the life they were destined to live. So it is with my sister, Anna Greenberg, and her Healing Groves. The Greenberg family, in cooperation with friends, is organizing the planting of 100 trees as a prayer of healing for Anna, who has been battling cancer for more than a year.

The trees will be planted in five locations meaningful to her, as a blessing to her and the community, in efforts to “bring a total and complete healing to her body, mind and soul.” We encourage her friends and family, and those inspired by her journey and “Annatude,” to sponsor a tree for planting.

Trees will be planted at the Tucson Hebrew Academy (18), Congregation Anshei Israel (9), Chofetz Chayim (36), St. Joseph’s Hospital (18), Menlo College (18) and at her house (1). Each of the four Tucson groves will represent a layer of Anna’s healing — physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. The grove at Menlo will represent the integration of it all. All trees will be planted together, by Anna’s community of family and friends, as a way of offering physical prayers of healing and blessing to Anna.

Trees may be sponsored for $54 (three times 18 — chai) online at www.EarthWalkUnited.Org/TreesForAnna.

As we approach the Jewish New Year for the Trees — Tu B’Shevat — join Anna and her family in a powerful journey of healing for the soul. The words of Abraham Joshua Heschel capture the essence of what can happen when we take our deepest prayers and ground them in action. He wrote, “When I walked through the streets of Selma, Alabama, next to Martin Luther King, I felt as if my feet were praying.” Please contact the family with any questions, or a desire to get involved with your hands and feet, at TreesForAnna@EarthWalkUnited.Org.

—Tzadik S. Rosenberg-Greenberg