Letters to the Editor

Rabbi Schneier misguided on Arab proposal

The article by Rabbi Marc Schneier (“Netanyahu must take page from Sadat,” AJP 5/17/13) contends that this is “an opportunity for peace with the Palestinians.” The latter always present conditions that are totally unacceptable to Israel, and they know it. Furthermore, at present, there is peace, and there will always be peace as long as Israel is strong enough to thwart any “war initiative” by its enemies, the surrounding Arab states.

If Israel were to capitulate and agree to the latest Arab proposal, it would not be long before there would be another Arab ìinitiativeî for total conquest to rid the Middle East of Israel’s existence. For Israel to consider the latest proposal to base the two-state solution on the June 4, 1967 line would be a step towards suicide.

Further, there can be no capitulation concerning Jerusalem. We know what the Arabs did to that city before Israel regained sovereignty there. All traces of Jewish life were destroyed. Would it not be that way again?

When has the Palestinian administration ever come to Israel with a desire to negotiate with no prior conditions, or at least with ones that Israel could even consider? Let the Palestinians come to the table with absolutely no precondition. Then all might gain considerably in the absence of ideological conflict.

—Max Lazar