Letters to the Editor

Stand up against xenophobia

We Jews have been victimized by persecution and hateful rhetoric throughout our history. We of all people need to stand up against the McCarthy-like attacks of Michelle Bachmann and her hate-filled cohorts against Muslim Americans.

The hatemongers’ primary target has been Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin. During her long history of government service, Abedin has gone through extensive security clearance.

The more recent target of Bachmann and her like is Rep. Keith Ellison from Minnesota, the only MuslimĀ  member of Congress. Ellison is an unabashed progressive who fights for economic fairness, the middle class and equity in our society. I only wish we had more members of Congress who shared his concern for Americans who are suffering during these difficult times. However, agree with him or not, his loyalty to the our country is above question.

Please, as Jews let’s stand up to these unfounded, right wing xenophobic attacks.

–Joan Safier