Letters to the Editor

Jewish voters must pay attention to many issues

Living as Jews in America, we are slowly relinquishing personal and group responsibility to our government elites who are supposed to be stewards of our freedoms.
Washington political elites pander to us as we lose more and more of our freedoms afforded us by our Constitution and our heritage. Making everyone feel like the government is doing the right thing seems to be more important than doing what needs to be done. To believe we must vote like our parents and grandparents did is not the answer.
We currently have 16 percent of our country living in poverty. Our K-12 education system has fallen from the best in the world to under 20th and unemployment is at unthinkable levels. Are we heading away from first-world status? We must get involved. Knowledge is not power — the use of knowledge is power.
This administration says they are pro-
Israel. Is that according to Israel, the Arab world or our government-influenced press? How much help can Israel expect and how quickly might it come when Israel confronts Iran? We see our government’s response or lack thereof in what has happened in Egypt, Libya and Syria.
—David Steinberg