Letters to the Editor

Heilman story fans vicious flames

I hope I’m not the only reader who was offended by the article by Uriel Heilman. While reporting on a wholly deplorable piece that appeared in the Atlanta Jewish Times, Heilman appears to give credence to the canard that President Obama is a secret Muslim bent on destroying Israel. He used the innuendo that the president has been accused “even by some Jewish Democrats” to assert that Obama’s middle name certifies his antipathy toward Israel.

I was especially shocked by unchallenged sentences such as, “it doesn’t take much discussion in certain Jewish circles to find those who see something far more sinister in Obama than a president whose policies are bad for the Jews and Israel.” There also have been “certain Jewish circles” that were responsible for assassinating Yitzhak Rabin.

Heilman has gone out of his way to find extremists who utter outrageous statements such as, “I think Obama’s overriding goal is to have Israel destroyed.” He has used the Atlanta incident to fan the flames of vicious and totally undeserved attacks on our president.

— Robert Varady, via azjewishpost.com