Letters to the Editor

Health care for all admirable goal, but who pays?

Re: “The health care debate: envisioning a future that avoids ‘moral hazards’” (AJP 4/6/12), Nancy Kaufman’s goals are admirable — health care for all, especially those in our society that are the most needy.

One key omission, how to pay for the huge cost of “Obamacare”?

Jews have been in the forefront of giving throughout the ages; it’s “tikkun olam” multiplied ten-fold. Our liberal bent tells us we must help all, and paraphrasing Omar Khayyam, “live fully while you may, and reckon not the cost.”

Does Kaufman have any idea of what the Federal government has spent starting with LBJ’s “war on poverty” in 1965? How about mass funding for education? Or helping welfare recipients with guidelines to gainful employment?

It’s trillions of dollars, with dismal results. More poverty exists today, our educational standards are below that of many countries, and welfare is running wild. Food stamps are at an all-time high.

The U.S. is broke! Our debt has recently eclipsed our GDP (Gross Domestic Product). We keep printing money we don’t have and the day of reckoning will be down the road for our children and grandchildren. Can the U.S. become another Greece in the immediate future? Yes!

I’d like to see the private sector work toward a health care program encompassing some of the points made by Kaufman. It can be done with good will by all parties. Class warfare, gender warfare and race warfare should not be in the equation.

Liberal Democrats like Nancy Kaufman turn a blind eye to reality, and the Obama administration continues on its cycle of reckless spending.

I fear for our country.

God bless the U.S.A.!

—Sid Brodkin