Business Briefs

Business Briefs – May 21, 2010

THE TUCSON JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER announced its board of directors at its annual meeting April 28. The officers are Fran Katz,chair; Barney Holtzman, vice chair; Jeff Silvyn, vice chair; Mary Cochran Wolk, vice chair; Stuart Shatken, secretary; Ed Rogoff, treasurer; Tom Warne, chair-elect; and Mark Rubin, immediate past chair. Board members include Katrina Bens, Sara Cohen, Lanny Colton, Greg Gadarian, Jonathan Green, David Greenberg, Jordan Hitchye, Fern Marmis, Ron Meyerson, Susan Moss, Liz Neuschatz, Bob Polinsky, Jill Rosenzweig, Steve Silverman, Hyman Sukiennik, and Alan Zehngut.

THE TUCSON BOARD OF RABBIS has elected the following officers to a one-year term: Kelley Gludt, president; Shafir Lobb, president-elect; Stephanie Aaron, vice president; Helen Cohn, secretary-treasurer.

THE CONGREGATION OR CHADASH 7th GRADE YOUTH PHILANTHROPY PROGRAM donated $4,300 that it raised throughout the year to programs serving children with diabetes. The fund awarded $1,000 to the American Diabetes Association for its Feria de Salud community education program, $2,500 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for its Adventure Week children’s camp, and $800 to the Homer Davis Child Nutrition Project.