About us

The Arizona Jewish Post has served the Southern Arizona Jewish community for 70 years. Published by the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, the Arizona Jewish Post is dedicated to bringing its readers a wide range of local, national and international news and features.

The Arizona Jewish Post is a member of the American Jewish Press Association, the Arizona Newspapers Association and the American Advertising Federation Tucson. In recent years, it has been honored with awards from the AJPA, ANA, the Arizona Press Club and the Arizona Press Women.

The Arizona Jewish Post also helps to support the local economy as a member of Local First Arizona.

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AJP advisory board members are Damion Alexander, Myles Beck, Barbara Befferman Danes, Bruce Beyer (chair), Roberta Elliott, Cathy Karson, and Steve Weintraub.

The AJP is located at 3718 E. River Road, Suite 272, Tucson, AZ 85718.


The Arizona Jewish Post, published originally as simply the Arizona Post, got its start under private ownership in 1946. The first publisher and editor was Rebecca Staman Rutz, who was succeeded in 1956 by Abe Chanin. In 1965, Chanin sold the newspaper to the Tucson Jewish Community Council, the forerunner of today’s Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona.

Marvin H. Volk, then president of the council, made the following statement of policy, which continues to guide us:

“The Post shall be an independent newspaper, knowledgeable in presentation of world-wide news and local news and conscionable to the Tucson Jewish Community.”

“Although the publication will be through the Tucson Jewish Community Council, the pages of this paper will be independent.”

“News presentation will be aimed to serve the total Jewish community.”

Editorials and columns will continue with independent thought. They may or may not contain the views of the Tucson Jewish Community Council, but always will be in the best interest of the total community to keep it strong and knowledgeable and linked to Jewry throughout the world.”

“A newspaper which stands independent, and operates in the light of truth, is a newspaper which properly serves its readers and its community.

Martha K. Rothman became editor in August 1967 and was succeeded by Sandra R. Heiman in August 1979. Phyllis Braun became editor in January 2002.

In 1990, the name of the paper was changed to the Arizona Jewish Post, reaffirming our identity both within and outside the Jewish community.