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Holocaust Survivors and German Officers: Healing through Dialogue and Remembrance

In a poignant display of reconciliation and remembrance, German Defense Intelligence Liaison Officers, Lt. Colonel Bocklet and Colonel Busch, alongside their spouses, were warmly welcomed as special guests to the weekly meeting of Holocaust Survivors at Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Southern Arizona (JFCS).

Holocaust Survivor, Wanda Wolowsky, of blessed memory, was instrumental in forging connections with German liaison officers before her passing. She desired to bridge the chasm of historical pain and foster a spirit of unity. Through intimate gatherings at her home, she extended gestures of friendship and hospitality, inviting survivors and community members to engage with the officers and their families, thereby nurturing a sense of shared humanity amidst the shadows of the past.

During the recent gathering at JFCS, Wanda’s vision lived on. The Holocaust Survivors present bravely shared their harrowing tales of survival and resilience, offering poignant reflections on life after the Shoah and the enduring legacy of their resilience through subsequent generations. Moved by their accounts, the officers and their spouses listened attentively, their eyes often brimming with tears, as they vowed to uphold the solemn pledge of “never again” in Germany.

Lt. Colonel Bocklet and Colonel Busch emphasized that their engagement with Holocaust Survivors transcends mere professional duty, embodying a deeply personal commitment to preserving the memory of one of humanity’s darkest chapters. As a symbol of their dedication, they presented the survivors with a commemorative plaque, honoring their courage and resilience in the face of unimaginable adversity.

The gathering underscored the transformative power of dialogue and empathy in healing historical wounds and forging bonds of solidarity across generations and cultures. Through their shared commitment to remembrance and reconciliation, the Holocaust Survivors and German liaison officers reaffirmed their collective resolve to ensure that the lessons of the past resonate as a beacon of hope for a more compassionate and understanding future.