Tucson J’s New Director of Teen Engagement Returns to Tucson Roots; Gears up for 2025 JCC Maccabi Games®

Davis Hubbell, Tucson J Director of Teen Engagement

This summer, the Tucson J community welcomed a familiar face in a new and exciting role: Davis Hubbell, a native of Tucson and an alum of Tucson J programs, was appointed as the J’s new Director of Teen Engagement. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning from artisan bakeries in Vail, CO., and San Diego to working with the esteemed JW brand of Marriott, Hubbell’s multifaceted journey now circles back to his hometown and his Jewish roots, highlighting his commitment to the community. A native Tucsonan, Hubbell’s relationship with the city’s Jewish community began in his infancy, attending JCC programs as young as 2 months old and continuing through to 6th grade.

Hubbell made his debut at the J as the unit head for Camp J’s Tiyul teen program this summer and with school back in session, assumed the position of Tucson’s BBYO City Director, merging his passion for community service with his deep-seated connection to Jewish traditions and values. Drawing from his transformative experience with Taglit Birthright Israel at 25, Hubbell recognizes the importance of instilling a sense of heritage and identity among Jewish youths. “It’s about creating nurturing environments where our youth can forge meaningful connections, grow, and thrive,” said Hubbell.

His role with BBYO involves collaborating closely with the enthusiastic teen community, the staff, and the families linked with the Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) and B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG) BBYO chapters. His enthusiasm is evident, “I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and engage with the vibrant community of teenagers, dedicated staff members, and supportive families who are involved in this program,” he said.

However, Hubbell’s involvement doesn’t stop with BBYO. As the Delegation Head of Tucson JCC Maccabi®, he plays a pivotal role in another significant Jewish Peoplehood platform. In August, Davis attended the 2023 games hosted by the Fort Lauderdale JCC; it was a special and impactful week for over 2000 Jewish teens from across the world and in Hubbell’s words, “a profound experience for any Jewish person.” Hubbell is already on the lookout for the next crop of future JCC Maccabi® participants, with the upcoming games being held in Detroit and Houston in 2024.

With Tucson gearing up to host the 2025 JCC Maccabi Games®, the excitement of JCC Maccabi continues to amplify. Hubbell hopes to have a delegation of 100 Jewish athletes from Tucson here for the games – far larger than any Tucson delegation in the last 20 years. Such aspirations highlight the community’s zeal to make the 2025 games unforgettable. It goes without saying that hosting an event as significant as the JCC Maccabi Games® requires a community-wide effort above and beyond athlete participation. Contributions from volunteers, host families, and community partners will help make the games a success for everyone involved.

Beyond JCC Maccabi®, Hubbell’s mission is to enhance engagement avenues for Jewish teens. “Whether it’s BBYO or the JCC Maccabi Games®, I urge all our Jewish teens to get involved,” he emphasized.

With Hubbell’s fervent endorsement and the vast array of opportunities available, Tucson’s Jewish youth are poised for enriched experiences that promise growth, relationships, and a profound connection to their own Jewish identity. Please join us in extending a hearty welcome to Davis Hubbell, as together, we embark on these exciting ventures and ensure a vibrant future for our community’s youth.