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JPSA Board of Trustees Issues Public Statement in Support of Israel

Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona (JPSA) issued the following statement today in support of Israel:

JPSA stands unwaveringly in support of the people of Israel. JPSA recognizes the right and necessity for Israel to defend itself and its citizens and for the Israel Defense Forces to act as required to bring this war to a swift and decisive close, restoring peace and calm to the region.

The heinous attacks unleashed by Hamas on thousands of Israeli civilians – innocent men, women, and children – are acts of terror and war crimes. Hamas, funded and backed by Iran, was founded with the explicit goal of obliterating the State of Israel. They not only reject a “two state solution,” but per their founding charter, refuse to acknowledge Israel’s fundamental right to exist.

Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people. In fact, they ruthlessly use innocent Palestinian civilians as human shields, militarizing cities and neighborhoods in Gaza and using schools, hospitals and mosques as terrorist strongholds and storehouses for ammunition aimed at destroying Israel.

Sadly, the coming days will likely bring more violence, death, and destruction, as Israel once again must secure its borders from hostile neighbors who violate every norm of civilized international engagement and human decency.

We call upon our community, partners, and friends to join us in supporting Israel and the Jewish people through advocacy, education, and philanthropy. Together, we can combat hate, preserve democracy, respect human rights, and seek peace.

To support, JPSA’s Israel Emergency Fund, click here.