Hebrew High in Tucson Celebrates 45 Years

The Hebrew High program at Tucson Hebrew Academy (THA) is designed to provide continued education in Hebrew language studies and to promote an immersion in Israeli culture. The curriculum offers high school students in 9th through 12th grades a path in which they can further explore and expand upon earlier years of Hebrew language exposure. Students learn basic Hebrew language skills encompassing reading, writing, and speaking. Using educational technology as well as traditional instruction, the students can connect and reconnect with their language skills, heritage, and experience Israeli culture and world affairs in Hebrew. Students attain intermediate to advanced level conversational proficiency by the end of the program.

Hebrew High for Credit classes are offered throughout the academic year on Tuesday from 5-9pm (kosher dinner is served.) The current Hebrew High instructor and coordinator, Rami Yadid, taught at the Ramaz School in New York City for over 25 years and is particularly adept at incorporating Israeli music and art into his instruction, providing a dynamic and exciting learning environment.

The Hebrew High program has been a staple in Tucson for 45 years. Hebrew High believes that there are many benefits to learning the Hebrew language from a young age, including providing a better understanding of Jewish culture, traditions, and history as well as enhancing cognitive skills such as memory, problem-solving, and creativity.

Additionally, Hebrew Language classes are a valuable addition to a college resume and open opportunities for travel, study, and work in Israel. Finally, Tucson High strives to foster a sense of belonging and identity within the Jewish community.

Most Tucson public and private high schools award students high school credit for enrolling in Hebrew High. Either foreign language credit or elective credit applies to their overall GPA in their prospective schools. Financial assistance is available. For more information or to register please contact Johanna Shlomovich, THA Head of School today.