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From Purim to Passover at Handmaker

Handmaker residents and staff enjoyed eating many hamantaschen during Purim this year! Staff were greeted at the main entrance to Handmaker with a basket full of hamantaschen on Purim, alongside a sign with information about the holiday. These delicious cookies were made by Executive Chef Claire and Pastry Chef Julie and disappeared quickly. Thankfully they made lots more so that residents could also enjoy them with lunch. But those were not the only hamantaschen enjoyed at Handmaker.

On the Sunday before Purim, when the BBYO teens were at Handmaker for their monthly Better Together Intergenerational program visit, the teens delivered Mishloach Manot bags (with hamantaschen) to the residents, which had been put together by Arielle Shemesh through Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona. On Purim, Chabad Tucson dropped of some beautiful Mishloach Manot boxes, which included hamantaschen and other goodies for residents as well.

SandRuby members and staff enjoyed a Story Hour with Rabbi Shemtov who brought along some hamantaschen for them to try, which they all loved. And Assisted Living residents in both the Rubin and Tynan Neighborhoods had lots of fun making, eating, and sharing their own homemade hamantaschen.

Aside from all the hamantaschen eating, residents celebrated Purim by zooming into a virtual Megillah reading by Mel Cohen in Hebrew and English on Erev Purim. And on Purim, many residents in the Rubin Assisted Living Neighborhood had an opportunity to learn about Purim and take turns reading the Megillah in English together. There was much laughter each time they drowned out Haman’s name with the sound of their groggers. And residents throughout the building enjoyed decorating crowns and masks to wear throughout the day, and beyond.

But now that the last hamantaschen of Purim has been eaten, the Passover planning begins!

Handmaker residents were excited to learn that for the first time in several years, guests will be able to join them at their Passover Seder tables for both nights of Passover! The Handmaker kitchen has a great menu prepared, and those interested in ordering meals from Handmaker can look at the menus here, and call Claire Ferguson at 520-322-3639 to place their orders.

Handmaker is also planning on having Passover Services in person, led by Mel Cohen, Dan Asia, and a group of other community volunteers. The service schedule can be found here, but RSVP to Nanci Levy if you plan on attending, so that she can let you know if there are any changes to the schedule, or if you would like the Zoom meeting information for services.

Handmaker residents are looking forward to the upcoming Passover festivities, the Seders, and the taste of fresh Matzah Brei for breakfast made to order by Community Outreach Coordinator, Nanci Levy. The smell of Matzah Brei frying will bring a smile to the faces of those familiar with it, and to those who try it for the first time, and usually love it. Happy Passover!