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Tucson J presents the 31st Annual Tucson International Jewish Film Festival

The J’s Tucson International Jewish Film Festival has returned featuring 12 full-length films, six shorts, a mini-series, and eight post-film programs. Beginning Jan. 6 and running through Feb. 20, the Festival showcases an ample selection of independent and international films that celebrate Jewish culture and diversity and provide a glimpse of Jewish lives that are worlds away, and yet, remarkably familiar.

The films will be available for screening exclusively online through Eventive, a state-of-the-art, user-friendly virtual cinema platform. Tickets can be purchased individually for $12 and season passes are available at the discounted rate of $120. Films are screened during 72-hour windows and post-film programs feature discussions with filmmakers and community members. To accompany “Chewdaism,” a delectable documentary that explores the roots of Montreal’s food scene, viewers can purchase a kosher meal that can be picked up at the J.

The Tucson International Jewish Film Festival is one of the country’s longest-running Jewish film festivals, one of Arizona’s longest-running film fests, and one of Tucson’s premier cultural events. It is celebrating its 31st year, thanks to a dedicated committee of community volunteers who work year-round with the J’s Director of Jewish Life and Learning and marketing team. A sub-committee first previews new films and pre-selects between 50 and 75 entries. The entire committee then watches two per week, meets virtually to discuss, and evaluates each film on a 0-5 scale. Final selections are made based on whether the film meets the Festival’s mission to “promote the preservation of Jewish culture and encourage cultural diversity.” Special attention is paid to how the story content captures interest, creates emotional impact, and provokes thought. Production value, relevancy, and the variety each film offers to the lineup are also considered.

From its opening film, “The Crossing,” a drama about the courage of young children whose parents were arrested in Norway for resisting the Nazis, to musical documentary “On Broadway,” to “Sky Raiders,” a heartwarming Israeli adventure for the whole family, the Festival has something to captivate film lovers of all kinds.

The full lineup, schedule, season passes, and individual tickets can be viewed or purchased at