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TJMHC Gallery Chat: Ethics Expert to Reflect on Auschwitz Visit and the Crisis of Current Political Narratives

Stuart Brody will present a Gallery Chat, “Reflections on a Recent Visit to Auschwitz: The Psychology of Collaboration and the Crisis of Current Political Narratives at the Tucson Jewish Museum & Holocaust Center on Friday, Nov. 11 at 11 a.m.

In his talk, which falls just after the anniversary of Kristallnacht (Crystal Night, or The Night of Broken Glass), the anti-Jewish pogroms in Germany that many see as the beginning of the Holocaust, Mr. Brody will reflect on his visit this summer to Auschwitz, the most notorious of the Nazi death camps.

Mr. Brody, who teaches ethics at the University of Arizona and is the author of The Law of Small Things: Creating a Habit of Integrity in a Culture of Mistrust, will discuss the complex emotions he experienced touring Auschwitz, and explore the enduring question of the Holocaust: What is it that allows, or compels, people to commit unimaginable horrors, willingly and without remorse?

He will deconstruct the Nazi narrative, exploring how a hateful ideology gets fashioned, disseminated, and adopted by a populace. Examining our human vulnerability to negative myths, he will discuss how to recognize hidden dangers in modern political narratives on the right and the left, and the risks of inaction in America today.

Mr. Brody consults with business and political leaders and lectures nationally to promote the practice of integrity in private and public life, drawing from more than twenty years as an advisor to prominent political figures. In his career as a lawyer, he represented many high-profile clients, appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court, and wrote numerous articles on dispute settlement and labor–management relations. He is the founder of Integrity Intensive, a consulting firm concentrating on decision-making, leadership, and personal development, and has commented on these issues on TV and radio.

The Nov. 11 Gallery Chat is free, but registration is requested. Please register here.