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THA’s Hagigat HaSefer – Receiving the first Siddur

Over the last week of March, at the Tucson Hebrew Academy (THA), we honored our 1st and 2nd graders by celebrating Hagigat HaSefer (the celebration of the book). During Hagigat HaSefer, our young students received their very first Siddur (prayer book), signaling the beginning of a lifelong love of Jewish studies. On Thursday morning, March 24, they led their families in a beautiful Shacharit (morning) prayer service and each student was called up to the Bimah to chant a verse from the Torah.

The celebration continued on Sunday, when they performed the play “King Solomon and the Bee” to a packed house! Their 8th-grade buddies were there to honor them as well, and the parents awarded each child with a beautiful, personalized Siddur. Mazal Tov to our proud and very excited children of Kita Alef (first grade) and Kita Bet (second grade)!

Hamorah (teacher) Sigal, a THA veteran of 26 years, together with Hamorah Orli, worked tirelessly to make this celebration both meaningful and memorable for the students and their families.

A huge Mazel Tov to THA’s first and second graders, their families, and teachers Sigal Devorah and Orli Griver!