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Jews For Fontes/Mayes Holds Event for the Candidates

Jews for Fontes/Mayes, a group formed for the 2022 election, hosted Adrian Fontes, candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, and Kris Mayes, candidate for Arizona Attorney General at an event on October 30.

Approximately 50 people attended the event, and over $22,000 was raised for the candidates.

Chabad Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin opened the program with a speech.

Both candidates spoke about their concerns regarding the antisemitism that their opponents have expressed during the campaign.

Fontes spoke about his concerns regarding his opponent using antisemitic tropes about Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. Fontes was referring to tweets by his opponent that stated Arizona Democratic politicians are “liars and deceivers” whose “loyalty is to George Soros and Mike Bloomberg”, and other tweets where he discussed the “Soros funded press.” Fontes also discussed his opponent accepting the endorsement of Andrew Torba, founder of White Supremacist social networking site Gab, and his endorsement of an openly antisemitic Oklahoma State legislator.

Mayes also decried the antisemitism of her opponent, discussing his writings over the years, and his current use of George Soros to attack Democrats. On June 27, her opponent tweeted “George Soros is on the cusp of dominating Arizona. We won’t let that happen.”

Both candidates were enthusiastically received by the attendees.

Jews for Fontes/Mayes was formed by Alma Hernandez, Consuelo Hernandez, Tony Zinman and Mo Goldman. The group came together amidst concerns that had been raised by the Phoenix JCRC and in the Arizona Daily Star, Arizona Republic, and Phoenix Jewish Times about the antisemitism expressed by Mayes’ and Fontes’ opponents. The founders felt it was important for the Tucson Jewish Community to actively support those that would best serve the interest of the Jewish community.

The host committee included Johathan Rothchild, David and Anne Hameroff, Aaron Lieberman, Ann Revelle, Amelia Cramer, Eva Bacal, and Aaron Rottenstein.

Tony Zinman is a Juvenile Public Defender, and Co-Chair of Tucson Jews for Justice