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Enjoying the arts at THA!

Tucson Hebrew Academy (THA) develops students who are highly skilled, creative thinkers with a spirited love of learning. This month, students exhibited that love of learning through their love of the arts.


Lower School students at THA learn music fundamentals which allow them to pursue their music interests in Upper School, High School, and beyond. Those fundamentals include music literacy, basic singing technique, introductions to a variety of instruments, and music’s emotional impact.

This past month, Lower School students learned about music literacy, percussion, singing and beatboxing, singing with sign language, and creating music videos. Upper School created short film projects, and all students performed in the school Hanukkah show.

Visual Arts

The visual arts program at THA focuses on the child, while emphasizing the elements of art and the principles of design, and how these apply to all aspects of art production. At THA, every lower school student attends art classes twice a week in our dedicated art studio. Students are exposed to different techniques, media, methods, and tools. Aesthetic, cultural, religious, and historical aspects of visual art are also emphasized along with observation skills, imagination, and independence. Most of the classwork is hands-on in a fun, relaxed environment.

This past month, students created with clay, pastel, and watercolor. The youngest students worked on oil, pastel, and watercolor alphabets and aleph-bets inspired by the art of Jasper Johns. Second and third graders sculpted and glazed amazing hanukkiahs for the holiday, while some Upper School students completed gorgeous coil vessels, as well as two-dimensional pieces honoring someone important to them.