Rosh Hashanah at Tucson Hebrew Academy

Rosh Hashanah preparation and celebration lasted the entire month of Elul at Tucson Hebrew Academy (THA). The blowing of the shofar was heard on our grounds every morning.

Fifth and sixth grade students created their own shofrot. Seventh graders took a field trip to Handmaker to blow the shofar and sing Rosh Hashanah songs with residents. Upper and Lower School children visited Laytins’ farm to do tashlich and reflect, as well as learn about the various plants and animals linked with the High Holidays. In our amazing art classes and electives, students of all ages put the finishing touches on the clay honey pots, clay pomegranate art, and aluminum and copper pomegranate embossings in the spirit of the season.

Numerous High Holiday lessons were incorporated into our curriculum and will be carried on throughout the year:

  • Reflection – It is important to take time to process immediately after something has gone wrong. How did this make me and those around me feel? How can we prevent this from happening again? What can I do to make things better in the moment?
  • Immediate making of amends – Apologizing can begin as soon as a wrong has occurred, and you can begin to try to understand how your actions may have impacted others. The power of apology will lead to a better quality of daily life, reducing strife, drama, and lost sleep.
  • Building of community – When we take the time to repair and strengthen our relationships with those in our lives, we strengthen our community, building a strong foundation for our future.

The Tucson Hebrew Academy team wishes you and your families a very happy, healthy, and successful New Year.