Maimonides Society to host “COVID-19: Where we’ve been and where do we go from here?” for Southern Arizona community

Mara Aspinall, healthcare industry leader and pioneer

With the increased availability of COVID-19 vaccinations and updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, many in the Southern Arizona Jewish community are feeling cautiously optimistic about a summer that looks very different from years past.

The Maimonides Society, a fellowship of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to educational, social, and philanthropic activities under the auspices of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, are proud to welcome Mara Aspinall to help answer any lingering questions the community may have about COVID-19 vaccination and testing, as well as what a return to normal may look like.

Aspinall is an advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation and co-author of The Foundation’s reports on COVID testing. She has served on the Health and Human Services Secretary’s Advisory Council on Genetics, Health & Society (SACGHS) in the Obama and Bush administrations. She has a passion for education about the importance of diagnostics in healthcare and co-founded the Biomedical Diagnostics program at Arizona State University, the first and only program dedicated to Diagnostics as an independent discipline.

“COVID-19: Where we’ve been and where do we go from here?” is a free online event that is open to all community members. It will take place on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 5:30 pm and will consist of a presentation followed by a moderated Q&A session. Registration is open now