Kosher food options available in Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona residents looking for Kosher options during the High Holidays and year round have a variety of options. The following are a list of stores or methods of acquiring Kosher food in Southern Arizona as of August 2021. For more information, consider joining the “Kosher in Tucson” Facebook group or reaching out to a local congregation for guidance.

  • Cafe at the J, located in the Tucson JCC, is one of the only Kosher restaurants in Tucson. It serves Kosher dairy meals Monday through Friday. Traditional or Moroccan Shabbat dinners, as well as challah, are available for pick up on Friday. All meals are prepared under Orthodox supervision of Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz.
  • Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging and Chabad have teamed up with Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona to deliver kosher meals to community members.
  • Nadine’s Bakery (4553 East Broadway Boulevard) is a Kosher bakery in Tucson.
  • Western Kosher delivers to a central location in Tucson for a flat rate of $14.95 per order. Orders are due August 19 for the 2021 High Holidays. The next order will be in October. Refer to “Kosher in Tucson” Facebook group for details.
  • Al Basha Grocery (4145 East Grant Road), a store that specializes in Halal foods, now carries Kosher items. This story was recently featured in the “Tripping Kosher” series. See video below.
  • Costco Wholesale (6255 East Grant Road) carries meat, poultry, and non-perishable items.
  • Safeway Grocery (5752 East Sunrise Drive) has recently expanded their Kosher section.
  • All Trader Joe’s locations in Tucson carry Kosher meat, poultry, non-perishable items, and wine.
  • Kiwi Kids (Kids Wellness Initiative) offers free Kosher meals to children ages 1- 18 years who do not receive meals in school or from another site. Weekly delivery to a central location.
  • Kosher Coop sells bulk quantities and delivers to Tucson.
  • Prime Nosh, a Las-Vegas based company, delivers Kosher food next-day in an insulated box.
  • Imperial Kosher in Phoenix is the closest full-service Kosher market and deli.

More resources are also available on Chabad Tucson’s website on What’s Kosher in Tucson.