High Holiday Celebration at Handmaker

Handmaker residents began the Jewish New Year of 5782 with a beautiful and festive meal together on Erev Rosh Hashanah in the Great Room at Handmaker. We were all grateful to be able to eat and celebrate the start of what we hope we will be a better new year together, with Handmaker resident Rabbi Richard Safran leading the blessings and sharing some inspirational poetry and words of wisdom with us at this and all of the High Holiday and Festival meals this year.

While services were only available virtually this year, residents enjoyed the variety of options available to them to stream from their apartments throughout the holidays.

Once again, we had our Handmaker Sukkah built on the Rubin Assisted Living patio, but we decided to celebrate the Erev Sukkot dinner in the Great Room this year, instead of in the outdoor sukkah. With the large number of residents who wanted to attend, there wasn’t enough room to have everyone inside the sukkah, socially distanced. Handmaker staff Nahid, Keith, and Tiffany did a beautiful job setting up tables and decorating the Great Room, making it look almost as if the residents were inside the sukkah.

Before the Erev Sukkot meal, Rabbi Richard Safran shared a guide on the Four Species for everyone who attended the dinner. He explained the symbolism of the Etrog, and the parts of the Lulav made up of a branch of the palm tree, twigs of the myrtle tree, and willow branches. Each resident had the chance to wave the four species. Some made sure to do so in all six directions – four points of the compass, up and down.

Throughout this holiday-filled month, our wonderful Executive Chef Claire and Pastry Chef Julie prepared beautiful and delicious meals which enhanced the observance and celebration of all of the holidays. Head server Tiffany was the attentive server for all of the Holiday meals. Activity staff helped set up and were on hand during the meals, and to make sure that everyone who wanted to could stream a choice of virtual holiday service options. The staff at Handmaker understand the importance of these holidays to our Handmaker residents, and do all that they can to enhance their holiday observance.

During these times when life does not seem quite back to normal, it was comforting to be able to have the opportunity to observe the High Holidays and celebrate together here at Handmaker. We look forward to welcoming friends and family back to Handmaker to celebrate holidays with us again in the near future. But, until then, we are grateful for these holiday meals together with our friends here at Handmaker, and the accessibility of virtual services. We hope that you and your families also had a good and meaningful holiday season.